After many years as a Coach and Athletic Director, I have watched countless athletic practices and contests.  I believe that you can pick out special athletes very quickly.  When I say quickly, I mean almost as soon as you walk onto the field or into the gym.  They just have that look.  They move differently.  … Continue reading Worthy


This morning, I did something that felt wrong. It felt like indifference, uncaring, callousness. It felt like I was betraying someone. After almost two years without him, I changed the pictures on my social media accounts to those that didn't include my son, Kane. And then I sat and cried.   Two years later, I'm … Continue reading Move!

Purpose Driven

Short blog this week, which might be preferred (by you and me). I'm sure Rick Warren has rights, copyrights, license agreements, and other legal ties to the phrase "Purpose-Driven Life."  That's not what this is about, so I'm not worried about the legal and subsequent financial ramifications of today's title. What I am worried about … Continue reading Purpose Driven