But, but. . .

OK, so it’s been over a month since I last posted something on this blog.  So much for blogging “more.”  I could tell you about all the reasons why I haven’t, but you care about hearing them as much as I care about taking the time to type them.  So let’s just not.

Over the Christmas Break, (It’s a set of days off that those of us working in education get that the rest of the world does not.  We don’t get rich, so divulge us a few perks.) I got to read a little bit more than I usually do.  I neither look or speak the part of an intellectual, but do love to read.  But, as we entered back into reality come January, I found myself in the middle of a strange conundrum:  I had started three different books, thereby juggling their storylines and points all at once.

I’m quite sure this is a problem others find themselves in – though not the majority.  So, I won’t belabor the point.  The point is, I get fired up about reading sometimes, even to the point of juggling multiple books.  I would do this more, when the daily grind of working a job that really doesn’t have set hours and having four kids ages 1 to 13 doesn’t get in the way.

Others out there get fired up about a lot of other things.


The list could go on and on.

I, too, can get fired up over things my kids are doing, sports (though pretty mild in comparison to some of you reading this blog), or getting to spend time with my wife.  So, today’s blog is actually pointed at me.  I’m just letting you join in.

Again over the break, someone sent me a link to a short video featuring David Platt.  I have actually read two of his books (to keep regurgitating the theme) and have listened to him speak before, so I clicked and watched.

The video is around 6 minutes long, and I’m linking you to it below.  Before you watch, understand that David is now the President of the International Mission Board, but was the pastor at a church outside of Birmingham, Alabama when this was recorded.  That FYI is just to put it in perspective a bit.  But, do give yourself the 6 minutes to watch it, then I’ll wrap this up.

I’ll just wait here. . .

David Platt Clip

. . OK – so with a little humor slipped in, it’s definitely something that probably hurt your feelings a little.  If it didn’t, you’re either in a much better place than I am in your relationship of worship with Jesus Christ or you’ve missed the point entirely.  He used sports, but could have used a lot of different things.

Quote of the clip:  “We live in a land where sports WAR for our attention, our affection, our time, and our money.”

So my charge for all of you out there that are parents.  When your kids are 30 years old, what will they look back and say was the most important thing to you, as their parent?

Your favorite college team?
Your favorite pro team?
Their experience(s) in sports (AAU, travel ball, school teams, etc.)


Living for and worshipping the ONE TRUE GOD?

Time keeps on slipping away.  Just the other day, Jaclyn and I brought home a beautiful little baby girl.  A few days later, she’s 13.  I’m guessing that a couple of weeks from now, we’ll be packing her up for college.  And then her three brothers behind her.

You can do as you wish, but I know how I want her (and him, him, and him) to look back on my example.

“And Jesus answered him, saying “It is written: Worship the Lord your God and serve Him only.”
Luke 4:8

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