They just kept coming

OK, OK, so it’s been over a week since I last updated the blog.  This is easily explained.  In Arizona, we had nothing but time sitting around waiting on paperwork, phone calls, and not much else.  Back home, three larger, active kids (plus one that likes being held, rocked, fed, and did I mention held?) combined with back to work means that sitting down to blog just doesn’t fit in.  Unless I wanted to sacrifice a little sleep.  Which I don’t.

In my last update, I wrote about how much the kids were fighting over being around Kane and taking care of him.  Here we are, almost two weeks later, and that is still true.  Even though a lot of the new has worn off, they still clamor to be by him, hold him, or feed him.  Here’s hoping it lasts another 10 years or so. 

Over time, I will piece our little story back together over and again.  Sometimes on here, and sometimes just in my thoughts.  I often think of how ridiculous some of the crap we waded through was and don’t see how we didn’t just point the rental car east and drive it back home.  From the Friday that we last met with Myriah (to make the last payment – they never missed out on those) until we received word that we could leave on Tuesday, no one actually “checked” on us.  We texted back and forth with a few people, but didn’t see anyone besides our gracious house hosts.  Sooooo. . . . . we really could have just gambled and come on home over the weekend.  And no one would have been any the wiser. . . . . that we had actually committed an act of kidnapping. 

But, I digress.  Let me quickly tell you how many people that God put in the right position for us while we were on the ground in Arizona (some names we remember, some we do not):

* Myriah (our case worker) – After Kelly (our case worker during the disrupted adoption) was passive, non-confrontational, and non-informative; Myriah was always quick to respond to an email or text, and was quick to fight for us with anyone (including with her agency).

* Lisa (birth mother’s case worker) – Christian case worker that grew up in Senegal.  Her parents were full-time missionaries to West Africa.  Needless to say, we know a few people that have spent a few years in West Africa.  You all know who you are.

* Birth nurse – She was on duty in the nursery post-birth.  Very adoption-friendly. 

* Becky (another case worker with our agency in AZ) – She had to fill in for Myriah at the birth, since Myriah had to be at two different hospitals at the same time.  At first, we didn’t like having a “fill-in.”  God’s plan is perfect – while we were at the mercy of everyone, it turns out she is a former children’s minister, and her husband is still a student minister on staff at their church.

* Hospital attending nurse – We had many of these, but this Filipino nurse told us of how she had become a Christian and was trying to connect with other Filipino Christians in Arizona.  Her family is spread around the country.  We may have told her about an awesome Filipino family that we know that love the Lord as well (Hi, Chiocos!)

* Delivery doctor – We only met him one time, for less than three minutes.  He told us about the birth, and the baby, and left.  After he walked off, Lisa told us how he was a Christian doctor that had three adopted children of his own and that we were very lucky to have gotten him.  Of course.

God orchestrated many, many things while we were in Arizona.  But, the people just kept amazing us.  Next blog, I’ll. . . . .well, who knows. 

As for an update on Kane – he is now almost 10 pounds, because he is a pig.  His hobbies are eating, filling his diaper up, and sleeping.  His favorite thing food is formula.  And his favorite place to be is in bed. 

Pray for his continued great health, and for December 19th.  It is our court date to finalize the adoption in Arizona.  We are going to be allowed to do this via telephone. 

Also, after that date we may be able to more readily share pictures.  We are OK with texting those out or just sharing them with you in person.  However, we still are not willing to put those on social media until things are finalized, and hope you understand.  

“Indeed, we have all received grace after grace from His fullness”
John 1:16

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