Smoke and Mirrors

I am not an illusionist.  There, I said it.

But, if you’ve been in the audience of someone that is talented in the art of sleight of hand or misdirection, you were no doubt entertained.  Even if you caught yourself trying to figure out the act, you likely weren’t able to.

A few months ago, I brought Stephen Bargatze in front of the Milan Rotary Club.  Stephen currently works through the Tennessee Highway Safety Office and the TSSAA using his talents to talk to kids about the dangers of drinking and driving.  And, he is a talented guy – he’s performed all over the world, including Vegas and overseas through the USO, the list goes on.  He had the crew at Milan Rotary bamboozled, including using me as a dummy for a while (not like that was a stretch anyway).  Had them looking right while he made a ball disappear to the left.  Had them looking down when he moved something over his head.  You know the drill and he is as good as they come.  (And, if he reads this blog, the praise for his talents will make his ego inflate like a Snoopy balloon in NYC on Thanksgiving.)

The theme though, be it Stephen, Penn & Teller, or the “found-a-quarter-behind-your-ear trick with a 3-year old”, is making sure the person you’re trying to fool is distracted from what’s really going on.  It’s that simple.

Well, folks – let me offer a little suggestion.  That’s exactly what’s going on in the world around us.  And not by our government, not by ISIS or another extremist group, and not by the Chupacabra looking for another supply of unassuming goats.  (Looking for bonus points from my friend, KB, for the Chupacabra reference.)

You may stop and dismiss this next part in the name of Ol’ Greg going off the deep end.  I can hear you now – “Well, four kids may have been too many for him.”  But, in truth, to miss this point means you’re missing the point.

The only real battle out there with eternal ramifications is the one that Satan rages with those who follow Christ for the souls of non-believers.  Not Democrats vs. the NRA, not ISIS vs. the American people, not white vs. black, and not even Alabama vs. the rest of the NCAA.

So, how does the real Enemy keep me from following the Great Commission?  Smoke and mirrors, friends.  Smoke and mirrors.

If you’re glued to CNN for 3 days and turn your Facebook profile into a French flag after the terrible attacks in Paris, then you’re not praying for your co-worker’s eternal destination.

If you’re on social media wondering why shootings by a person of one race are treated differently than shootings by a person of another race or telling everyone how you’re going armed to the public library, Democrats-be-darned, then you’re not praying for the right moment to tell your non-believing family member about Jesus Christ.

If you’re reading this blog and you’re a follower of Christ, then let me remind you of the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20).  Reader’s Digest version:  Get out there and tell others about Jesus before He comes back again.  And He’ll walk with you through it.

Granted there’s lots more to focus on, but that is the thing to focus on.

So, you won’t get my opinions on here about ISIS, gun control, mass shootings, or anything else that is designed by the Enemy to distract me.  And, you can continue to focus on that if you feel it’s important.  After all, this is my blog, so it is my opinion.  It may not line up with yours, and that’s OK.  But, I still know people that don’t know Him, so pardon me if I, respectfully, don’t join you.

But, I want Satan to know. . . . that I know.  So I’m snitching.


“Be on your guard, so that your minds are not dulled. . . or that day will come upon you unexpectedly like a trap.  For it will come on all that live on the face of the earth.”  
Luke 21:34-25



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