Been Here, Done This


Not a very long one today, but I won’t drag this out so you have to read through four paragraphs to find out.  We have a match, and our baby is due on Oct. 11!  After the blog on Sunday, we agreed verbally Monday afternoon to the match, confirming it on Wednesday by both sending in our signed match sheet and the initial payment the same day.

So, the race – and wait – begin again.  We aren’t close enough to time to start looking at flights and the like, but we have started preparations here at home, which included putting together the baby bed yesterday.  We didn’t build this house in preparation of a fourth child, so for the first several months, baby Scott will occupy the room off of our bedroom, built as an office, but used more often as a catch-all extra room.

And we practiced bringing in a new arrival on Wednesday by bringing back an old tenant to the property – Gabe’s cow, Sunny.  Last Christmas (2012), Gabe received a calf that he named Sunny (she’s a pitch black Angus, so. . .  ).  Even as a young calf, she spent most of her day laying in the shade near our pond in the same spot.  The only time she might venture from there was either to take a dip in the pond, or to trot up to the barn when someone was feeding the other animals, for her share.

Where has Sunny been, you ask?  Sunny has spent the past three months, um. . . . .dating.  So, sometime early next year, we may have two cows roaming around.  But what’s funny about her return was, even after over a hundred days somewhere else, where she was one of thirty heifers, and a brief trailer ride back to our house, she went right back to what she knows best.  She trotted straight to the back of the property and roamed around a little.  When Jaclyn got out a bucket of food, even after she had only hay bales since leaving us, she ran right up to the fence to eat.  And, if you come by the house and want to see Sunny, just look over in the shade right next to our pond.  I find her there every time I look.

So, even though it’s been six and a half years since we have fed, changed, and loved a newborn baby, we know that it won’t take but a moment to pick that habit right back up.  Just continue to pray that God blesses this match, that He keeps Jennifer healthy – both physically and mentally – and that He already begins to work out all of the necessary details between now and October.  We are excited and have faith that His plan is perfect.

“For it is God who is working in you, enabling you both to desire and to work out His good purpose.”  – Philippians 2:13

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