Details, details. . .

The title of today’s blog is where we are right now – trying to navigate details.  So, I’ll catch you up on a few that we have either done or still have to do before the big day.  In other words, today’s blog will be much more info and much less postulating. 

Things that we have done in the past several weeks:

  • Changed out door frames in the baby’s room to include a door instead of just an opening
  • Picked up, put together, and put in place – baby bed (thank you Niki Allen!)
  • Put together paperwork to renew home study, including re-doing our fingerprints (apparently, they’re worried that we may or may not have been involved in criminal activity in the past 11 months)
  • Renewed home study with Adoption Assistance (they expire after a year, and the expiration date was dangerously close to the due date)
  • Continued to mull over, debate, and pray about a name (we are very close!)
  • Received Jennifer’s decisions in regards to the hospital plan 
    • She wants only her case worker in the birthing room (Praise – no family to talk her out of it)
      • Secondary praise – she didn’t require me to be in there!  Seeing Jaclyn in that state is one thing, but.  . .  . . 
    • She wants control of who sees the baby and when while at the hospital
    • She wants to schedule a C-Section (Praise!)
    • She wants open communication with us while at the hospital (Praise!)
    • She will fully release the baby into the care of our agency upon discharge (Praise!)
    • She wants one of the two wristbands that accompanies the baby to go to Jaclyn (Praise!)
    • She has chosen a suburban, quieter hospital (Praise!) 
  • Filled out ICPC form that will allow an interstate adoption

Things left to do:

  • Book flights
  • Finalize a place to stay (there are some awesome folks working on this, so thank you Jennifer Hicks Arnold and Sarah McGehee!)
  • Pack bags in case of an emergency call
  • Make sure we have asked A LOT of questions as they come to us about Jennifer
  • Have kids’ bags packed up and prepared in case of an emergency call
  • We’re quite sure there is a lot more paperwork involved, even though there’s nothing necessarily lingering for us to do right now

I’m sure after I think about having written this blog, later on, I will think of a few more things to go on both lists.   But, for now it’s continue to pray that we have our ducks in a row, that Jennifer continues to be healthy and content with her decision, and that some of the details begin to reveal themselves soon, even if it is for our convenience’s sake. 

I mentioned a few people in today’s writing that have done something for us, but not for the intent of leaving anyone else out.  To produce a list of the folks that have been instrumental in our completion of this process – financially, with baby items, with paperwork, or just helping to make sure we aren’t going insane – would be impossible.  I hope we have stopped to thank all of you personally, but know that we are both eternally grateful and continually in awe of the Savior and His provisions. 

And, I don’t know about all of you – but I can’t wait to meet Baby Scott!

Today’s verse reminds me that God cares about details too. .

Aren’t two sparrows sold for a penny? Yet not one of them falls to the ground without your Father’s consent. But even the hairs of your head have all been counted.  – Matthew 10:29-30

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