Ready for Inspection!

The latest really isn’t groundbreaking, but more just an exercise.  I know that if I don’t take the time to update this site on at least a semi-regular basis, then it certainly won’t get done later on.

First, we have a date for at least the first part of our home study – this Thursday!  We are vaguely aware of questions that will be asked and that (overall) it’s just going to be a checklist of things that we have in  our home and that we aren’t the Manson family, run a dogfighting ring, or are cooking meth in our spare time.  Our neighbor pointed out that no one cared when we had three kids of our own what our living conditions were like or how sharp our parenting skills were.  But – try to adopt, and your oven must be clean, the hedges trimmed (we don’t really have any hedges), and our kids must be well-adjusted, articulate members of the adolescent society.

I know for certain when we brought Kara home almost eleven years ago (wait. . .  she’s almost eleven?!?!?!?!) we only thought we had a clue about how to be parents.  But, I remember the only concern the hospital had about our parenting skills was that we knew how to buckle her into the car seat to get her home.  Once we showed we could avoid a “click it or ticket”, they were already cleaning the toilet in our room before we were on the elevator.  I will avoid a mini-rant here about where parenting is in our country at this point, but ask anyone in education where they stand on the subject when it comes to dealing with parents in the 21st century and their kids.

But, I digress. . . . since that was close to de-railing waaaay off the track.  The next part of our update brings a big “thank you” to our friend, Laura Giles, of LG Photography.  Part of the process will be putting together a “profile” of our family.  This will give expecting moms a chance to look at our family and also find out about us, obviously having to include a few pictures.

Laura, and her trusted assistant Ryland, came out last Monday night and chased the Scotts around our property, snapping pictures for a while.  The trick included trying to reign in fake smiles, half smiles, an antsy five-year old, a less-than-cooperative eight-year old, an impatient 10-year old, a temperamental horse, and two wild dogs that chased each other under her feet.  She also may or may not have stepped in a cow patty or two, courtesy of Gabe’s calf, Sunny.

The final result was awesome, showing the cool little family that we have been blessed with, and even allowing their personalities to show (pretty clearly if you know them).

Turns out, I think my favorite picture is the only pose I probably grumbled about – sitting in the grass in front of the house.  But all did great, even Dusty (by the way – anyone want to buy a good-looking Palomino? Obviously, kid-friendly!) (That was an inside joke to a small few – my apologies to the rest) (But seriously. . . call if interested)

Finally, when we first looked at the list of required paperwork to turn in, we knew it would take a couple of days to get it all together.  But, we already have been taught a little lesson in patience, as it has proven to be tedious and getting it all compiled is almost finished.  I have provided a few things, but Jaclyn has done the lion’s share of work on it and has threatened (um. . .encouraged) me to finish the last couple of things so we can have it done and sent in.

So our request this week as you look for ways to pray for us in this process is that:

1) Our home study goes smoothly
2) Our paperwork gets completed and sent in and is exactly what it is supposed to be
3) We continue to focus on the things of God.  We have already felt under attack in the way of doubt for the process and doubt and discouragement in other areas of our life.  We know that it is an attack and that our God is much mightier!

Till next time. . . .

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