Can we all get on the same page?

That little date on the calendar we circled a couple of months ago came sneaking in on us, then passed right by, leaving a circled “April 23” standing there for no apparent reason.  We know that babies tend to come on their own timing, and little Scott has proven that yet again.  So, this brief update is here to tell you – we still wait and watch our phones diligently.

We did get the update that Tiffany’s doctor’s appointment for Wednesday also came and went merely as a circled date on a calendar somewhere.  She refused to go, again, and Jaclyn’s comment rings true – that we hope she does decide medical attention is necessary once her water breaks.  Only time will tell. So, in that respect, please pray that all is well inside her belly, since she refuses to let anyone check.  
So, the 2:20 flight out of Memphis that we booked long ago for today (Friday) looks to be moved or just cancelled outright, to hope for another day.  While this waiting stuff gets annoying, I also found out that all prayers aren’t going up in the same manner.  Bro. Greg McFadden – described however you think fits here (as my pastor, as Kara’s friend Lily’s dad, or as my Assistant Coach on Kara and Lily’s league softball team) hasn’t exactly wanted the moment to come just yet.  Since he agreed to help me coach this league ball team, (by “agreed”, I mean he didn’t pitch a big fit when I told him I turned his name in on the roster sheet) he did so knowing that the day might come when “game day” would coincide with my being in Arizona, putting him at the helm of our little ship.  Last night on the schedule:  a doubleheader (for those of you non-sports folks, that means two games in one night).  So, apparently, Bro. Greg worked out a deal with his boss that Tiffany would at least wait until after that one, so he wouldn’t be put in charge of coaching twelve, 11 and 12-year old girls through two games in one night.  We won both, 10-3 and 2-1, so the pressure is now off.  Maybe he can pray a little differently now. 
Hope to have a much longer and more eventful update very, very soon.  God has already worked out so many of the logistical details that we continue to be amazed at His faithfulness.  There’s only one big detail we’re waiting on – the detail.  Continue to pray for our preparations – that nothing stands between us and completing this process.  And pray for Tiffany as she prepares, both physically and mentally for the big event.  Aaannnndd. . .  if you want to pray selfishly for us, ask if that event can be sooner than later.  
“But let him ask in faith without doubting.  For the doubter is like the surging sea, driven and tossed by the wind.”  – James 1:6

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