Beware what you wish for. . .

Someone really should get the medical professionals in Arizona in touch with modern technology.  Or at least a Farmer’s Almanac or midwife or something.  This child may very well enter the world with a new Guinness world record for number of medically assigned due dates.  Just for posterity’s sake, let’s recap:

1. Original due date after medical intake at the prison doctor:  Sept. 26
2. Second due date, after doctor’s visit in late July:  Oct. 11
3. Third due date, after doctor’s visit and ultrasound in late August:  Oct. 16
4. C-Section date #1, set after doctor’s visit in mid-September:  Nov. 5

That being said, we finally got a little information on Monday.  Basically, her current doctor stated that the Nov. 5th c-section date was out of bounds and didn’t know that she had an original intake while in prison.  He requested those records and said that it wouldn’t be outside of unreal expectations to do a c-section on Oct. 9th.

Sounds good, we’ll just . . . . .

. . . . wait a second – October 9th is THIS THURSDAY!!!!!!

So, after processing the fact that we could be headed to Arizona within 72 hours, we started scrambling a bit, waiting on final word from her doctor.  Between hearing the news (around 1:00 p.m. on Monday) and talking to Myriah again today (4:00-ish), we accomplished a few things.  Jaclyn got a lot of things at church ready for her to be away for a couple of weeks, we washed no less than 8 loads of laundry (not that we would let it get that far behind or anything. . . we must’ve washed some clean ones too), and we booked two one-way flights to Phoenix for Thursday morning.  All waiting to hear whether or not this little operation would shift into high gear.

We both talked to a few friends and family after hearing the news on Monday.  Out of that, I have one really cool God story that I feel compelled to share (and no, it wasn’t Jeremy Baker telling me that I got what I asked for by asking for more updates and information out of my case worker).  My phone has some kind of disease that doesn’t alert me to new text messages while I am actually talking on the phone (yes, I have an iPhone now, not a flip phone – so no comments necessary out of people like Jill Betts or Bill Bradley).  So, when I hang up a conversation, it’s not uncommon for me to hear the ding of at least a text message or two coming in.  As I hung up from talking to Myriah on Monday, from the very conversation where she dropped the big news that baby Scott may be coming in a matter of days, I heard the ding announcing a new text message.  It was our baseball coach, and my friend, Todd Holden.  It simply said “How can I pray for you today?”

Now, Coach Holden and I aren’t strangers to spiritual conversations.  But, I cannot remember either of us texting or asking the other one that particular question.  I asked him later in the conversation how he was led to that and he told me that he was sitting and waiting on his wife, Dana, when I crossed his mind and was prompted by the Spirit to ask me.  I told him about just hanging up the phone with my case worker and that yes, I knew how he could pray for me.  I told him to pray for a definitive birth date to be revealed soon for my son and told him why.  So, walking into a meeting with a principal at another high school, I went in knowing that God was throwing me a “I still got this” reminder and it always feels good to be able to physically feel Him wrap His arms a little tighter around us.

To update further, Myriah called today to say that the original medical records indicated that her due date should likely be Oct. 20 (#5).  If that were true, then they would be willing to set a c-section for the 39th week.  So, we may hear tomorrow or Thursday that either Oct. 13, 14, or 15 will be THE day.  (#6, when it happens).

Continue to pray and I will update as often as we have news!  And, the 13th is MONDAY!

“Be alert, stand firm in the faith, act like a man, be strong.”  1 Corinthians 16:13

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