Iced In

So, I guess it took the forces of nature for me to update the blog.  This week, we moved from a four-day week to what looks now to be a no-day week thanks to the frigid temperatures (currently 12 degrees and dropping as I type – due to be around zero in the morning) and frozen precipitation.  It hasn’t been cabin fever at all, in fact Gabe has given us a daily update on why we should get out of school yet another day, every tomorrow.

What’s hilarious is the reaction of two different groups of people – those in older generations and our friends that are either from or have spent any time above the Mason-Dixon line.  There will never be extreme weather in Western Tennessee that impresses either group.  Anyone born before 1970 will claim that winter started somewhere around the end of October and didn’t end until almost May when they grew up, that the temperature during those times stayed at or below freezing, and that snow drifts had to be climbed over to get to the mailbox.  And anyone from the second group claims that zero degrees isn’t cold and that any amount of snow and ice received south of Lexington, Kentucky is merely a “dusting.”

Even if they both have some truth mixed in with their outrageous claims, it makes it harder to digest given the way its presented.  Instead of seeing the truth, all I hear is how our winter is never good enough, and never will be.

The last few weeks, our Sunday school class has been discussing and discovering the same topic that our pastor started a series on this week – holiness.  It’s a subject that most believers just skip right over, since it’s pretty inconvenient and uncomfortable.  And it’s the point God has been making to me for the past few weeks.

But, one point came out in SS this week that really stuck with me.  How many times have you caught yourself pointing out shortcomings in either other believers or, more importantly in those who are outside the faith?  Especially when done in the name of evangelism.  You know, the best way to win someone over who is a non-believer is to show them just how wrong they are.

Instead, God calls us to just love each other – believer and non-believer alike – and let our holy lives preach the message of salvation for us.  Francis of Assisi is often credited with saying “Always preach the gospel.  When necessary, use words.”  Whether or not it was really him that said it isn’t certain and really doesn’t matter.  Even though there are times, as he points out, when words are necessary, our lives should do much more to point others to the cross than our words that only show what a bunch of native Northerners show me – that it will never be good enough.

Point taken.

To update our adoption journey for the first time in a while, we are simply waiting out the days until Kane becomes finally finally ours.  Since our court date in December in Arizona ended, we found out that the state of Tennessee, in its infinite wisdom, requires a six-month wait before finalizing an adoption.  So, while Arizona has washed their hands of the situation and given all assumed risk over to . . . . no one really . . . . Tennessee says to wait a few more weeks.  Only an exercise in patience, and it will all work out in time.

We have what we hope to be our final home study this Saturday, and will then start the paper process towards what should be an April finalization.  Which will be followed by a new birth certificate, and actual Social Security number, and legally recognizing what has always been his real name.

In the meantime, he checked in at 17.5 lbs. and almost 27″ long at the four-month checkup!  Which means he is both tall and fat. . er, healthy.  If he were writing a bio blurb, it would say something like:

* Joshua “Kane”
* 4 months old
* from Tennessee
* Loves: Bottle, Kara’s smile, Mama’s lap, and clean pants
* Hates: Being sleepy, being left alone for longer than 8 minutes, and being naked

Bottom line – this little dude is awesome, and we couldn’t imagine the Scotts without him.  God is good.  All the time!

And thanks to the awesome Cheryl Hamilton for these pics!

“Everyone should look out not only for his own interests, but also for the interests of others.  Make your own attitude that of Christ Jesus.”
-Philippians 2:4-5

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