. . . and you can’t have him back!

It is Arizona official – with her signature this morning, Jennifer no longer has a right to make a claim on Kane. . . . ever!  It didn’t go without drama – and I will explain that in tomorrow’s blog.  But, now the wheels move toward getting us back to Tennessee.

Our only big adventure was going to the attorney’s office to sign documents that will be sent in for ICPC approval.  OK, I Googled it for you – I(nterstate) C(ompact) on the P(lacement) of C(hildren).  Saved us both some time. Basically, since Kane was born in a state other than Tennessee, then the state of Arizona has to review and approve all documents relative to the adoption and send them to Nashville for the same approval.  Once both states are satisfied that everything looks kosher, we get a call that says we can go home.  Until then, taking him out of the state of Arizona, even just to get a Nevada geocache, would be considered kidnapping.  So, we’ll wait it out.

All signs point towards us getting that call on Monday, so we hope that we can either keep the flight we already have scheduled for early Tuesday morning, or grab one for late Monday afternoon/evening, depending on when we get the call.  A little longer that I planned on staying, but since we are almost assured it will be by Monday/Tuesday, I hate to leave one or two days before Jaclyn, making her travel by herself with baby and all that goes with him.  Surely, Milan High School is still standing.

Tomorrow, we head to the doctor for a final check-up so that Kane can be cleared for air travel, necessary for anyone under 14 days old.  Anyone who plans to be on that Southwest flight needs to be germ-free please.  Or, basically:

Thanks again to, well, all of you.  If you just read this blog, you’re invested enough to have probably prayed for or worried about us.  Not to mention those of you who have done something tangible like called, texted, or given us something to make this possible.  We have been cleared to send out/share pictures of Kane.  But, there’s still a catch.  Just for safety and common sense for now, his picture still doesn’t need to be forwarded or especially posted on a website, on social media, etc.  So please, if you get a picture of him, show it to whomever wants to look, but just don’t post it anywhere or forward it at all.  Even if it’s someone you assume we would want to have a picture, just tell them to ask Jaclyn or me and we probably won’t mind.  Thank you for your continued understanding there.

Continue to pray for Jennifer – what a hard decision it must have been to actually sign on that dotted line, regardless of whatever front she put up.  And continue to pray for paperwork to go where it needs to and get the proper approval.  We would love to come home this weekend, but don’t expect to get to.  But, we’re ready whenever that day comes.

“The fear of the Lord leads to life;
one will sleep at night without danger.”

Proverbs 19:23

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