Watch yo’self!

I promised to explain a little bump in the road that we encountered this week, and so here it goes.  Kane was born early Monday morning.  By Monday evening – around 8:00 Phoenix time – Jennifer requested, for the second time, to see us and the baby.  (She ended up changing her mind before we could get down there the first time, so this would be the first meeting between all of us.)  We knew this was a possibility, if not a probability, and wanted to make sure she was mentally comfortable all week leading up to Thursday’s signature.  So, we loaded up and walked down with her case worker, Lisa.

We hadn’t been in the room 5-6 minutes, when another couple came in to see her.  They brought flowers, acted as if they really knew Jennifer well, and had very sleepy 3-year old twins (boy and girl) with them.  We know that Jennifer has a sister and a brother, but didn’t think she kept close contact with either.  So, Jaclyn asked who they were.  Turns out, the twins were Jennifer’s biological children, and this couple (we’ll call them the Taylors – not their real name) were their adoptive parents.  Jaclyn took the opportunity to snap pictures of the two beautiful children, and even coaxed a smile out of them.  We were glad to meet them, hopefully giving Kane another look at what blood family looks like at some point in life.

We left a few minutes later, with Lisa, to head back to our room.  We left Jennifer to visit with the Taylors.  When we got back to our room, Lisa’s demeanor changed to one that looked very worried.  Over the next few minutes, she explained to us why she didn’t like the Taylors showing up.

Turns out, Jennifer and the Taylors have an “open” adoption – just meaning that the birth mom does have contact with the children on an agreed-upon basis.  Apparently theirs isn’t too frequent, but the kids know her as Jennifer and they do see one another from time to time.  When Jennifer found out she was pregnant back in the winter, instead of going through the adoption agency from the get-go, she contacted the Taylors to see if they were interested in adopting another child.  They were.  And, they tried to take care of her like an adoption agency would for a period of time.  But, apparently, Mrs. Taylor was very bossy to Jennifer, very nosy (Jennifer’s word), and controlling.  So, in May, Jennifer contacted the agency, contracted with them, matched with us in June, and the rest is history.  In fact, she had no contact with the Taylors since informing them that she had signed with the agency in May.

Still, Lisa was worried that they were here to convince Jennifer not to sign consents on Thursday, and there was still a way to work it out between them.  Highly illegal, notwithstanding improper, and basically described as baby-buying.

So, we got worried with Lisa, texted out for a little prayer to at least help us through the night without being specific as to not sound off unnecessary alarms with any of you.

Tuesday and Wednesday went by very smoothly, as we have described in the blog over the past couple of days.  We even met with Jennifer and Alex (birth dad) on Tuesday, then saw Jennifer again upon her discharge on Wednesday.  Very cordial, very positive, no hiccups.  Crisis averted.  Right?

Yesterday, while waiting for lunch to be handed to us, we finally got the call from Myriah (our case worker – keeping all these unfamiliar names straight?) that Jennifer had signed the consents.  As described, this move is irrevocable and takes her out of the picture.  I let out a celebration on the phone and she said, “but it was touch and go.”

Turns out, Mrs. Taylor had been texting Jennifer all Thursday morning trying to convince her not to sign the consent agreement.  Telling her that she couldn’t believe Jennifer would break up siblings (they’re only half siblings) and that they would financially take care of her, and telling Jennifer that she wouldn’t be able to see the baby if it was in Tennessee.  Real classy crap like that.

Oh, heck no

My first reaction is – I know some people.  Maybe not deeply-rooted, organized crime people.  But, some big, tough Southern folks that would ride with me to yo’ house.  You don’t mess with my kids, boys and girls, any of them.  We would ask for forgiveness every step of the way, of course.  

But, I guess that Mrs. Taylor really, really annoyed the crap out of her back in the spring, because Jennifer stayed the course and signed the document.  Myriah told us that the agency’s attorneys would be making official contact with the Taylors, and credited Lisa with saying just the right things to her to keep her on track.  But, I know better.

Many of you responded to our request for prayers throughout this journey.  Others of you have texted/called/emailed/facebooked that you have felt God’s prompting to just stop and pray for us, even in the past few days, and responded to that faithfully.  Let me tell you what my God does:  He honors the petitions of His people.  Matthew 7, John 11, and the Psalms all tell us that God will give you your heart’s desires if you simply ask.  So, with the signing of that document, we thank you for your prayers.  You may not have known what you were praying for (or in this case, against), other than for the Scotts.  But your petitions sealed the deal.  Forever.  It’s just how HE rolls.

So today, we go to the doctor, pay off some adoption bills, and just continue to hang out in Arizona.  We are sooo ready to be home because we miss three other little Scotts something terrible, and can’t wait to see them.  Continue to pray for paperwork and for things to continue to just work out.  Also pray for patience and comfort for Jac and me, as well as Kara, Gabe, and JP (he prefers to be called Crusher, but. . . ).

And we’ll see you soon. . .

“Take delight in the Lord,
and He will give you your heart’s desires.”

-Psalm 37:4

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