One day down. . .

Well, I’m not quite living up to the request of blogging every three hours (Jennifer Milam), but once a day takes a concerted effort on my part.  Will make this one quick and informative as well.

We did have a little bump in the road last night that I will explain once everything is finished and we are on the ground in Tennessee.  Thank you to those who received Jaclyn (or Bro. Greg’s) text for prayer at a late hour.  We are still getting accustomed to being two hours behind most of those who read this blog and are keeping up with us.  Case in point, I ran out for lunch today, but was disappointed to find out that no one opened for take out at 10:00 a.m. – noon in my book.

It looks like we will get to leave the hospital tomorrow around lunchtime, Phoenix-time.  The birth mom is also being discharged at that time.  From there, we go to Kam and Tiffany’s house to impose on them for the next few/several days waiting on paperwork to clear us to head back home. 

But basically, we continue to at least partially hold our breath until Thursday morning, the first time that Jennifer can sign consent forms.  This signature is an irrevocable move to begin finalization of the adoption.  And, it starts the process of getting us home.  While the odds all point to her taking that step, it is a little unnerving that she hasn’t yet – until she finally does.

Kane has been in the world for almost 32 hours now, and we have gotten to spend 30 of it with him, so that is a praise of great proportions.  We were afraid we would have to wait until he was discharged from the hospital for quality time.  And other than needing to eat a couple of times during the night, he sleeps like. . . . well. . . . a baby.

For those that asked, even though I am not supposed to yet, here’s a picture:

Well, crap.  He moved.  Maybe tomorrow.  🙂

And my God will supply all your needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus.”  Philippians 4:19

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