Neil Armstrong Ain’t Got Nothing On Us

More frequent posts as we are in the middle of action.  But, that means that they are likely to be a little shorter.  So, depending on your perspective, I either apologize for that, or say “you’re welcome.”

For those of you that know us and are around my kids at all, you know that they have three very different personalities, despite sharing the same two parents.  Everyone reading this with multiple children can attest to the same thing – same genetics and same parenting gets different results.  Yes, you might get some things that they share, but we certainly don’t have three clones – not even close.

Today, let’s use JP as an example.  What a unique little kid.  (As a disclaimer, I know that everyone has kids that are unique, smart, funny, and cool.  Link me to your blog and I’ll read about them.)  Among those different character traits, he is the most fearless of the Scott kids.  He tries food(s) before they do, he will ride everything that his height allows at a carnival or theme park, and often gets into something that we have to stop and explain why a little more caution might be the better course to take.  
For instance, take him at the pool.  While it took Kara years to go without enough floatation devices to keep the Titanic seaworthy, JP is good with just a couple of arm floats.  Gabe won’t leave where his feet can safely be flat on the bottom of the pool without. . .encouragement (dragging him to the deep end qualifies as encouragement, right?), while JP can be found trolling around like a beach ball.  The most clear example is him jumping into the pool.  It’s quite hilarious.  Goggles and floaties on, he will run up to the pool from any angle, at any point, and just dive in.  He doesn’t have to get past thoughts of floaties falling off, and never thinks that there is a chance that he won’t surface.  From a parental standpoint, I trust the floaties as well, but still make sure my eyes are on him when he cowabungas from the side.  I know that things probably won’t happen, but am cautious enough to know they could.  
We need a little JP fearlessness right now. . . .
Today, we are signing/scanning the matching form and sending it back to Arizona.  Within that, there are two major steps of faith on our part.  
First, our birth mother does not have insurance.  She has applied for state-provided insurance in the state of Arizona and (after I read a large portion of their online policy manual) she should qualify and get coverage for the remainder of the pregnancy, including everything involved in the actual childbirth event.  BUT, if she doesn’t get approval, through signing this form we are on the hook for her medical expenses.  
Second, and this will ring true with any domestic infant adoption, but the birth mother can decide to keep her baby at any point, up to 72 hours after delivering the child.  After signing the form today, we will (tomorrow) have to send in half of the total fees for adoption – a pretty hefty sum to a public school educator and a church staff member.  In doing so, we forfeit pretty much all of it if she turns back.  
So, pray for our faithfulness and boldness to take these steps of faith, not in fear or with apprehension, but with the boldness that only Christ can give, knowing that His plans are perfect, and His provisions are always exactly what we need.
“Your life should be free from the love of money.  Be satisfied with what you have, for He Himself has said, I will never leave you or forsake you.  Therefore, we may boldly say: The Lord is my helper; I will not be afraid.  What can man do to me?  – Hebrews 13:5-6

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