Tom Petty or GNR?

Both musical artists must’ve had to go through an adoption process, with their respective songs, Waiting or GNR’s Patience.  Or something else altogether that caused them to experience the anguish of waiting.

Let me spin a little perspective that Jaclyn and I are keenly aware of.  We are blessed and thankful – what an exhausting and exhilarating week at the same time.  And while we have had many encounters with having roadblocks and things that stalled over the past few weeks, we still have healthy families and healthy kids.  So, in no way are we comparing our inconvenience and impatience to someone that is waiting on a 12-month deployment to end or suffering through the terminal illness of someone they love.

That being said, we are still beyond READY to say “adios” to Arizona.  Now, to be fair, we were told early in the process that the ICPC paperwork could take 2-3 weeks.  But, our hopes were for something a little better after finding out that the last Arizona to Tennessee adoption, just a few weeks ago, was cleared in less than 36 hours after the birth mother signed consent forms.  So, naturally, we were hoping for the latter scenario to play out for us.  Ha.  Ha.  Ha.

Instead, the birth mother signed around 11:00 a.m. PST on Thursday.  Instead of attorneys getting the ICPC packet to the state office in Arizona the same day, or even overnighting it (we are in the SAME TOWN people!) to be there on Friday, they sent the package via overnight mail sometime on Friday.  Which means they got it sometime today.  Now, once they approve it, there is another overnight envelope bound for Tennessee’s office in Nashville.  We have been told that, should they see that package before noon, there’s a good chance that we could get a phone call the same day that we are good to travel.  If not, add another day.

So, I texted Myriah (case worker in AZ for you newbies) this morning around 9:00 PST to check on things.  She said she would check.  I texted again at 10:15 – haven’t heard anything, she said – which means it’s likely still in Arizona.  I texted again at 12:15 and 1:40 with the same results.  So, at around 3:15 today, I looked up the number myself to the ICPC office in Arizona and called.  I told the lady that answered the call what I was looking to find out and she rang another office.

As it rang, the thoughts in my head switched to – will this put our paperwork at the bottom of some pile, just out of spite?  Too late, since the lady (I think it was a lady.  I remember a female name being given – can’t remember it – but the voice hinted of testosterone.  We’ll assume lady) on the other end of the phone already picked up the call.  I told her that I was checking on the status of ICPC paperwork for an adoption involving birth parents that were looking to make travel arrangements.  S/he asked for the last name of the child.  I gave it.  S/he responded that s/he had just signed that one and that it would be going out today.  I re-confirmed that it was an overnight package, and s/he responded that it had an overnight FedEx envelope.

Need me to help you choose a packet to approve?


So – that means that at least the packet should get to Nashville tomorrow morning.  Which means that either we will get a call to get out of Phoenix in time to leave tomorrow, or it doesn’t get looked at tomorrow, which means we wait until at least Wednesday.  I’m ready to go.  Jaclyn’s ready to go.  Kane seems indifferent.  And, most importantly, our kids are ready for us to be home.  Praise God for awesome Granny, Nana, Pop, and Grandaddy who have taken great care of them since last Sunday afternoon.  But, there’s no place like home and there’s nothing like Mom and Dad.  So, they’re ready – and so are Mom and Dad.

We continue to feel your prayers and appreciate them.  Again, this stir crazy feeling is more of a longing to see our kids, get into more of what would be a “normal” routine, and end an inconvenience.  But, we still selfishly pray to get on a plane tomorrow to do all of that.

“But I will look to the LORD; I will wait for the God of my salvation. 
My God will hear me.”
-Micah 7:7

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