Watching the skies. . ?

Today will be short and sweet – but I just noticed that it may have been over a week since I updated this . .  OK, make that two weeks.

And, here’s the (what’s the word here.  . frustrating – yes; annoying – yes; unbelievable – yes) thing about it:  we don’t really have a lot of information since then.  Let me remind you about when Tiffany is due to deliver our baby.  TWO DAYS FROM NOW.  I am aware, thanks to the examples that our children set, that babies come whenever they want to, not when some due date says that they should.  As is true to their personalities, Kara was two weeks late, Gabe was a week early, but came in the middle of the night, and JP came ten days early.  So, we fully recognize that the hour could come before you finish reading this blog, or it also could come in the middle of a Strawberry Festival corn dog.  (Side note – two years ago, I had the flu in the middle of the Strawberry Festival – the whole week.  So, surely the Lord would not have me miss out on the Festival food two out of three years.  Surely.)

The agency has met with Tiffany a couple of times since our last update, but just come back with promises to nail a couple of things down that they still never have.  One being the hospital plan – who will be in the room when the baby is delivered, who gets what kind of visitation, and things of that nature.  This is something that is 100% decided by the birth mother.  But, she does have to set it and sign off on it.  Which, in theory, should have been done weeks ago – but hasn’t yet.  Another is the final, final word from insurance.  The word we get is that they think she has that finalized.  But, there has yet to be a definitive answer on it.  Turns out, they can also have her sign an affidavit stating we are not on the hook for the finances anyway (which they conveniently never mentioned months ago), yet they have not yet nailed that down either.  Faith.  Faith.  Faith.

Probably the most concerning thing to us at this point is the fact that it appears (also can’t say definitively, because we get pieces of answers or partial information most of the time) that Tiffany has only seen a doctor one time during the entire process.  That was sometime in January, basically to confirm pregnancy and to find the gender of the baby.  So, how she (and he) is doing at this point is just au natural.  I remind myself (and Jaclyn) that people have babies, healthy babies, all over the world every day without prenatal care.  Laura Ingalls was probably delivered on the back of a buckboard on the way to Minnesota in the dead of a winter blizzard, sans the presence of a qualified ob-gyn.  But, I wouldn’t mind if she checked in with one just to see how everything was going.  So again – we pray and have faith that anything God has orchestrated does not need the help of man.

So, we wait and see and hopefully update this blog very, very soon that we are getting on a plane somewhere and headed west.  In the meantime, yesterday (Sunday) reminded us of something that we shouldn’t need a movie or a fictional bunny rabbit to help with.  My God is NOT dead – he is surely alive!  Over 2000 years ago, He walked out of a sealed and guarded tomb and separated Himself from all other gods on this Earth – that He is not a martyred deity.  Possibly the most hilarious verse in Matthew is where Pilate tells the soldiers in Matthew 27:65, “Go and make the tomb as secure as you know how.”  How’d that work out for you?

He is the King of Kings, Lord of Lords, and is ALIVE at the right hand of the Father!  I hope as you pray for our adoption, that you celebrate a risen Savior and as much as we are anticipating the arrival of our precious baby, we also anticipate the return of our Redeemer.

Thank you for your prayers and thank you to everyone who is holding on to a t-shirt, ready for the word that baby Scott is truly on the way!  Hope to update again very soon.

“Now concerning the day or the hour, no one knows – neither the angels in heaven nor the Son – only the Father.”  Matthew 24:36

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