My name is Greg.

I am married to a beautiful, Godly creature – my wife, Jaclyn


We have four great kids

Kara (17)


Gabe (14)


JP (11)


and Kane, Resting in Heaven

I am the child of the one true King – Jesus!

Blog topics cover adoption, family, my faith, and athletics.  Click on “Widgets” in the top right of the home page to see a categorized list of blog posts.  They are in chronological order starting with the least recent.  (Not sure what “widgets” really are, but it’s not something I’m able to change, so. . . )

I welcome your feedback, and critiques, so comment away!

I also love watching baseball, can sing just barely in key, and have a passion for high school athletics.

 This blog is not affiliated with anyone but me. . . . which is what everyone not named me likely prefers.

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