What the what?

This post won’t be deep or lengthy or really contain any type of useful information.  So, I’ll at least organize it for you:

Adoption update

We are closing in on what feels like a snail’s pace on Kane becoming ours forever.  Last Friday, we passed yet another home study, one that promises to be the last one before finalization.  At this point, our attorney starts choking the state with paperwork and we await a date to make it official.  Stay tuned.

Kane update

Kane will be five months old this Friday – my first reason for the “what the what?” title.  He rolls over, and then rolls back over, and then thinks it’s funny.  He also just ate baby food for the first time today, all vegetables.  We try to pack those in now, since four years from now he will walk in the footsteps of siblings gone before him and live on meat, bread, and a few grapes.  He’s huge (almost 20 pounds already) and is actually has the most pleasant disposition so far of any of our four kids.  And has the most gas.

Something inspirational (?)

I’m gonna save getting deep for another day/blog.  But, this holiness stuff that we are wading though at church isn’t easy.  That eye-of-the-needle mumbo-jumbo that Jesus mentioned was fo-real, fo-real.  But, the payoff is pretty sweet.  So, like Dory says, “just keep swimming, swimming, swimming.”

Something UN-inspirational (new segment)

Just because this is a new segment, doesn’t mean I know how often it will recur.  But, I read this story in the online version of People magazine tonight:

Skip my party? Oh heck no!

Our second, and loudest, reason for the “what the what?” title.  What in the world is wrong with people?

Final thoughts

Not sure what you think about this Cliff Notes version of a blog, but it’s a heckuva lot less taxing on my noggin.  Continue to pray for paperwork and people involved.  And continue to pray for Jennifer, Kane’s birth mom.  I dropped the first official update in the mail today for her.  Jaclyn wrote her a great letter and put together a booklet of pictures from the past three months.  Our agreement was four times a year to update, which we are glad to do.  Even if she acted unattached five months ago, I’m sure she’ll still be glad to hear/see how he is doing.  And she needs Jesus.  But, don’t we all.


I’ll give the verse, then the explanation.  Because it doesn’t fit in the “what the what?” theme.

“And look, I am sending you what My father promised.  As for you, stay in the city until you are empowered from on high.”
Luke 24:49

The world gets to us sometimes.  OK, most of the time.  But, Jesus reminds us that His promise will be fulfilled.  But until then, stay the course and do whatever He asks.

No pics this time – the ole’ Mac is at 4% battery.

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