He’s Here!!!!

What were you doing at 6:42 this morning (Phoenix time)?  If you were Joshua Kane Scott, you would’ve been taking your first breath!  He came in the world at 19.5″ and 8 lbs. 5 oz. and a head full of thick, black hair (a trait that is waaaay overrated).  Since it will be a while before it’s smart to post pictures, here’s a teaser:

So far, life has consisted of a few mL of formula, lots of sleeping, a couple of nasty diapers, and one bath.  Not too shabby for day one.

From 5:45 this morning until right now, we have found out the following:

* Birth father is here.  Since he was listed as a one-time chance encounter, this was a surprise.  But, his rights have already been terminated, so it’s not an issue.  But, that was a tall cup of coffee this morning at 6:00 a.m. to hear that he was in the birthing room.

*  Even if Jennifer signs away rights on the dot at 7:00 a.m. on Thursday, they expect us to have to be here through the weekend.

But, with every turn that made us hold our breath, there was God, showing us one more tidbit of comfort:

* Our case worker, Myriah, couldn’t be here early this morning due to another birth across town late last night.  The co-worker that filled in for her this morning is a former children’s minister.  Cute, God.

* The case worker, Lisa, that has been counseling Jennifer all this time grew up in Senegal.  Her parents were full-time missionaries to West Africa.  Also, hilarious. . .

* The pediatrician that looked more like she could still play point guard than diagnose strep throat was checking the baby out in front of us and knew the baby was being adopted.  After asking if we had other kids – we told her three and they were all biological – she didn’t bat an eye when she stated that God just must’ve laid an adoption on our heart.

In addition, the hospital and nurses are awesome and so adoption-friendly, including getting Jaclyn and me our own room that Kane is staying in 100% of the time, so far.  And that’s not to mention the countless number of calls, texts, Facebook messages, and emails that we have received in support and prayers.  We sooo wish we could send pictures out to the four winds, but for security purposes may not get to send those out for a while.  So just picture one of the four cutest kids in the history of infants (and #1 in Arizona) and you’ll have it.

More details later in the week.  We’re stuck filling time, so I may blog more than once.

Prayers for Jennifer in recovery and for her mental state as well, for paperwork and other details in moving quickly and correctly, and for the continued health and growth of little Kane.

“God—His way is perfect;
the word of the Lord is pure.
He is a shield to all who take refuge in Him.”

-Psalm 18:30

One thought on “He’s Here!!!!

  1. My heart felt your love. I can only 'imagine' the joy of this adventure being fulfilled. The love and caring you have expressed for Jennifer and her well-being during this time and throughout is overwhelming with God's love,too, through you. With every emotion being felt from head to toe, the spirit of your faith remains constant. The professionals..both in health care and social services are truly meant to be with you and Jaclyn and we know not by accident. Your office was 'physically empty' today but filled with the wonder of a new LIFE on his way into your home. Happiness and excitement radiate from all of us to soon meet Kane!


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