Countdown to "Gotcha"

This summer, it will have been two years since we started the process of adoption.  I can’t imagine those who wait years – because two years at this point really feels like much longer. 

Every child has a birthday that they celebrate – and Kane will always have October 13th to remind him of how old he is.  But, every adopted child has an equally celebrate-able day called “Gotcha Day.”  Some parents celebrate the day they physically brought their child home.  Since we had a physical hold on Kane that we’ve never relinquished since he was an hour old, that wouldn’t really celebrate anything but his birthday.  
Other parents celebrate the day that the process gets sewn up, legally that is.  For us, we just found out that day is May 5th.  Once and for all, the baby known as “Baby Boy” with the birth mother’s last name attached changes officially and legally into what has always been his real name, Joshua Kane.  We will walk out of court in Gibson County, Tennessee, as the officially-recognized permanent parents that we’ve always been.  In other words. . . . .Gotcha.
This dude is hilarious, by the way.  Except for when the nurse stabs him three times in one day, he never complains.  OK, he also complains when time to eat has long passed, but don’t we all (have you see the Snickers commercials?).  We have one million pictures of him smiling.  Like this:  
Because that’s all he does.  Besides me and Jaclyn, he loves being outside, his sister Kara (he loves his brothers too, but really smiles for his sister), all of his grandparents, and a little toy elephant.  And bananas-flavored baby food (which may be #1 on that whole list).  He just checked in for his six-months’ checkup at 97% for weight and medically official “off the charts” in height.  (We’re working on a change-up already for the big lefty I’m sure he’s becoming.)
We’ve had more than one person declare that his happiness is in his innately knowing just how good he has it in comparison to how he could have had it.  Maybe so.  But, if that’s true does that make us as believers in Christ feel a little remorseful?  If you’re stressed, sad, angry, or just always want to talk about how life for you isn’t what you hope(d), where’s your perspective?  I would sure love a job that pays more (despite the fact that, if you live in Milan and read the paper, it’s surprising that I don’t have a private jet), but know how blessed I am to have the life I have.  Similarly, the busy-ness of four kids or the small stresses of life pales in comparison to not having the assurance in Christ of eternal life in heaven.  How do people live without it?  I don’t know.  But, I’ll tell you this – the day when I was 12-years old when Jesus said “Gotcha” to me is more important in my life than any other.  
So, May 5th is circled on my calendar.  If the court calls and moves that up, fine.  If not, we’ll be there on the 5th ready to walk out with the final assurance that no one can take him away from us – ever.  If Jesus feels the same way about the day that we say yes to Him, He really does rejoice.  
. . . as a groom rejoices over his bride, so your God will rejoice over you.
-Isaiah 62:5b

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