I’m trying to play by the rules, but. .

Almost three weeks ago, Jennifer went to the doctor with a case aide, instead of her case worker.  After a quick web search, a case aide is simply someone that fills the gap between a client and a case worker, mostly to relieve some of the work load.  In this appointment, they set a date for the c-section that Jennifer hopes to have, but nowhere near the Oct. 11 or Oct. 16 due dates we had been told about.  Instead, the date for her c-section has been set at Nov. 5th.

Both our case worker, Myriah, and Jennifer’s case worker, Lisa, assume that this date is not a good one, but encouraged us to wait and see since she had another doctor’s appointment set for Sept. 30th.  We wanted to yell through the phone for them to get their crap together, but we relented, choosing to wait for the Tuesday appointment.  We know better than to think we will ever hear information on the day it happens, so we went to bed Tuesday night with nothing.  I did send a text to her Tuesday afternoon with no response.  At 1:00 Wednesday afternoon, I sent an email saying that we were anxiously awaiting information, with a corresponding text to make sure she got the message.  Finally, at almost suppertime on Tuesday, we get an email from Myriah.  I will print it exactly:

In classic birth mother fashion, Jennifer cancelled yesterday’s appointment.  It has been rescheduled for October 7th at 9:00 a.m. 😦

I appreciated her hammering home whose team she was on with the heartfelt frowny face.  Made me feel much better about knowing less and less as time goes by.

So, I sent a long email about customer service, frustrations, and the like on Thursday.  I’m not sure what I expected, but a pretty non-answer, diplomatic, (professional, I guess) response is what I received yesterday.  Basically, the theme being –  this is how it goes. Thanks.  Not sure what protocol is, but don’t expect a tip at the end of this.  

So, my answer to folks who don’t read the blog (shame, shame) and ask about the adoption continues to be “we are just waiting.”  But, oh how loaded that statement really is.

When we had each of our other three kids, waiting was hard and got harder the closer we got to the due date(s).  We always wanted so badly to meet the new baby, to hold him/her, and to start loving him/her.  Happened to us all three times.  But, at least we had a pretty good idea of when that would happen.  Kara went two weeks past her due date (hard-headed and proving she would dictate how things would go. . . . check).  Gabe was one week early, in the middle of the night (coming at 1 a.m., getting there before he was supposed to, assuming the rest of the world doesn’t need sleep either. . . . gotcha).  And JP had to be induced almost two weeks early due to his size (surprise, surprise, he’s a little ahead of where you think he should be – and I swear he already had that little smirk as a newborn).  But, no peeking means we just had to wait for all of them.

So, we literally wait to see when this little guy will decide to take the reins from Jennifer and kick the door down.  Hopefully, sooner than later.  In the meantime, it is fall break in Milan, so we will try to start preparing to get that call by packing bags, cleaning up, and keeping a watch on where the cheapest flights to Phoenix on a moment’s notice might be (right now, that answer is Siri’s laughter when we say “find cheap flight to Phoenix leaving tomorrow”).  But, like I said last week, God’s timing is perfect.  And, as hard-headed as Jennifer might be, she can’t stay pregnant forever.  Insert smiley face, Myriah.

Thanks for constantly checking on us and being in prayer for us.  Hopefully, I can update the blog with something awesome soon.

“Let your eyes look forward; fix your gaze straight ahead.”  – Proverbs 4:25

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