Funny how it works

I could probably blog every other day with some little story from our 11 days going to, being in, or coming home from Arizona.  And, if time allows, I just might tell most of them before it’s all said and done.  But, not today.

When we first told the first three kiddos about our plans to adopt, the emotion probably couldn’t be described as “excited.”  It wasn’t negative, but was more curious and non-committal on the subject.  The home study was hilarious, and led to my very first blog, almost 15 months ago.  And then, as we matched with our first birth mother in March, it did lean towards excitement, making plans on where the baby would sleep, how things would work once it got here, etc.  Not just mama Kara, but really all three had some opinion and were really looking forward to it.

Then came the disruption.  The time where we had to sit them down and tell them that this birth mother had apparently changed her mind.  That the baby we had started praying for in March, was not coming home with us in May.  And, while they didn’t show a lot of emotion outside of confusion, I think they took a few steps back, emotionally.

We matched with Jennifer in late June.  They were in the room when we Skype’d with her and her case worker, Lisa.  They were mildly interested.

As the days grew closer, their emotions never rose or fall.  It’s almost as if, collectively, they had decided that their attitude would be “I’ll believe it when I see it.”

We traveled to Phoenix after church on October 12th.  They got to see their first picture of him, via text, on Oct. 13th.  They Skype’d with us on the 14th and saw him “live.”  Babies are cute, and so he had their attention.  But, more so, they just wanted Mama and Daddy home.

Fast forward to the morning of the 22nd.  We had told them good night from the airport and that we would see them when they got out of school the next day, with full intention of actually getting up early enough to see them off to school.

So, after the long journey, and a full three hours of sleep, we went to see them.  After running up and hugging us (including me having to catch Kara – the girl is 5’4″ now, so it’s not like when I used to sling her around), they wanted to see Kane.

Love.  At.  First.  Sight.

Their lack of faith, so to speak, had become their sight.  A baby brother that they prayed for, kind of, and barely mentioned in passing, had now become the source of two major fights.  First, who was going to get to hold him first, the longest, and next.  And second, whose turn it was to ride in the vehicle next to him.  Kara fell asleep in the recliner rocking him last night (Gabe was preoccupied with Ole Miss-LSU), Gabe dotes over him like a new daddy, and JP keeps saying it’s boring to feed him, but begs to every time he acts hungry.

I pity the fool that picks on Kindergarten-age Kane in about 6 years.  They’ll have 12-year old JP, 15-year old Gabe, and maybe even high school senior Kara to worry with.

Just funny how things work out sometimes.

Lots of time will probably pass before we truly finalize this adoption.  But, no time passed before he truly became a Scott.  It was instantaneous.  With no questions, and no judgment.  Reminds me of how quickly and how honestly God receives us.  And makes me think with shame when I don’t do the same for someone else.

“Therefore, accept one another just as the Messiah also accepted you, to the glory of God”
Romans 15:7

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