We heard you. . . and so did everybody else.

This update really isn’t one (coming soon, I promise) and is relatively short.

I have been often puzzled by some of the things that people will post on social media.  Sometimes, it plays right into what I can only imagine is the original intent of things like Facebook, etc. – posting about a new favorite restaurant or even recipe, vacation pictures with the family, birthday pictures of the kids, etc.  But, other times it is downright confusing why some things are chosen to be broadcast for the world to see.  Examples being:

1) Those stupid cartoons drawn up to look like you and your friends – a.k.a. Bitstrips.  I have blocked all of them from my news feed.  I feel dumber for mentioning them. 
2) Proof that you’re sitting around wasting time and whatever salary you are being paid.  This is also called Farmville, Candy Crush, or Clash of Clans. . . . really any little game that apparently is akin to heroine.
3) Announcements that aren’t really.  Such as “Sitting at work waiting on 4:00. . .”, “Cherries vs. pineapples – what do you say FB peeps?”  “Tell me why it takes four hours to sit through traffic court”  You get the point.
But, the most awkward moments are when you have to read an argument that has broken out in the comment section of someone’s newsfeed.  It could be over the President, someone’s parenting decisions, religious quotes, or the like.  The point is, if you have 757 friends (can’t believe I know that many people, really) and they each have a unique 50 friends to you, you can see the exponential possibilities.  Which means that there is going to be a different opinion from yours out there somewhere.  And some of those people are loud, and they have friends.  Again, the possibilities are large and not positive.  
Now, I try to make it no secret that I love Jesus.  I am thankful for His sacrifice and His free, no-strings-attached gift of eternal life.  I know that I fail daily at the task before me, but it is to serve my one and only Savior and live my life as a testimony so that others may want to know Him as well.  I don’t post that to my wall, but would.  I know that there are things I say and do everyday to contradict that – but my name is not Jesus Christ, the only perfect example.

So, here’s where I lay on this and why.  Jesus didn’t sit around debating about the tax structure in the Roman Empire.  There’s no evidence that He cared about the policies of Caesar and whether or not he was a great ruler or a poor one.  When He got into any debates whatsoever, it was over application and interpretation of the Scriptures, that’s it.  You know why?  Because He had one task – to spread the good news, period.  Everything else was just noise created by the enemy to confuse God’s army in their attempt at conquest.  
Two years ago, during the Presidential election year, my Facebook feed was full of people touting one candidate over another, or actually slamming one candidate or the other.  Their stand on issues, their competency, their personalities, and even their character was fair fodder for the common man’s trough.  In the midst of it, I found the following post on Facebook:

“”OK, I don’t post often, but feel compelled to throw in my response to all the election posts that have been thrown up over the past several weeks – peaking on the three debate nights.  I will not cast a vote based on gas prices, health care reform, educational legislation, or even on moral issues like gay marriage or abortion.  My reasoning is this – I am only accountable to God for what I do.  Not my retirement, my job, or my bank account.  Further, I could give you Biblical reasoning for where I stand on such things, but no candidate is going to take office to spearhead moral legislation (in either direction), so basing my vote on that is frivolous.  However, since I am accountable to God for all of my actions, including my vote in this and any election, I will prayerfully cast a vote in the manner that Samuel Adams did a good job of summarizing:  “Let each citizen remember at the moment he is offering his vote that he is not making a present or a compliment to  please an individual – or at least that he ought not to do so; but that he is executing one of the most solemn trusts in human society for which he is accountable to God and his country.”  I will follow 1 Timothy 2:1-2 and pray for the leader that God puts into office once the election is over and live under his earthly authority, as instructed in Romans 13.  But, until then, I won’t be on Facebook telling the world how awesome or despicable either candidate is.  That’s just me.””

Whether it be on voting or just living in the USA, this should be our attitude.  Yes, with acknowledgement that God gave us a brain (often our argument) and that we should not be silent on things that are wrong, why do we allow the enemy to win when it comes to tearing down earthly institutions?  Why does it matter what another human being thinks of our opinions?  Why are we so easily distracted from our purpose?  The commissioning was to reach the nations in the name of Jesus.  Yes, give government what they require, be good citizens, etc. . . but then everything else goes to the advancement of His kingdom.  I need to read this blog myself.  I am guilty of being distracted and consumed with things that don’t do just that.

To weave in an adoption update, sometimes we decline to be considered. . . sometimes we say yes and they say no.  More details soon.

Matthew 28:19-20a – “Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe everything that I have commanded you.”

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