The next hurdle was navigated today  – we were discharged from the hospital, and loaded up little Kane in our rented Nissan.  Not that we couldn’t have done this yesterday.  The pediatrician came in to check him out around the same time yesterday and gave him a clean bill of health — in fact, she used the word “perfect.”  But, since birth mom is in charge of all things baby until sometime tomorrow, she requested that Kane stay at the hospital one more night.  Relying on other people is hard enough of a lesson that we have had to learn time and again during this process.  Yielding to other people, well. . . .

But all is well – the doc re-confirmed his readiness today, we waited for every little piece of paper to get in the right hands, and Jaclyn walked out with him around 12:45 PST. 

We left there, grabbed lunch, and headed to stay with people we’ve never met.  What awesome folks to open their home and allow half of the Scotts to invade for what is hopefully a few days. 

Now, the next speed bump – Jennifer’s signature.  Sometime tomorrow she signs a document they refer to as the consent document.  It basically is her last moment of parenthood.  While the finalization of the adoption won’t happen for a few months, that step makes the process basically unstoppable as long as they don’t deem us to be unfit parents along the way.  Breathing out will be an understatement for the feeling of relief I expect to accompany the phone call that we will receive tomorrow letting us know that particular step has been taken. 

We are gonna be sooooo busy in the meantime.

OK, we really aren’t.  We have to go to the attorney’s office tomorrow, then to the pediatrician for a final well visit on Friday.  We hope against all odds that the process to approve the interstate adoption will actually get the thumbs up from Nashville sometime Friday, meaning we can come home over the weekend.  If not, it will be Monday before we hear from them, putting us back in Tennessee either late on Monday or sometime Tuesday.  That scenario is more likely to play out than the one that puts us home sooner, but a man can dream, can’t he?  While we are so excited and blessed with Kane’s presence, we miss Kara, Gabe, and JP as well and are ready to be back with them and unite the whole Scott clan.

I can’t wait until I can post tomorrow. . . . . !!!

Let us run with endurance the race that lies before us,  keeping our eyes on Jesus,  the source and perfecter of our faith 
Hebrews 12:1(b)-2(a) 

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